Add Durability To Your San Antonio, TX Home

Fascia, the vertical edge for a roof, is what forms the outer surface of a roof and all the corners. This is what caps the end of your property’s rafters and often also holds any rain gutters. It serves as a connector from the roof and rafters to the soffit or eave.

Soffit is the underside of the roof, arch or piers and columns. It can also be the underside of stairways, ceilings and the side of a chimney. Usually, soffit is used to bridge the ceiling to the outer edge of a roof, and works itself into the eaves. Soffit can help maintain the lifetime of roofing shingles by deflecting heated air that is vented through the structure.

Similar to siding and gutters, fascia and soffit can be damaged by strong winds and hail. Whether your property has been through a tornado, hurricane or hail storm, Village Contractors can fix up your entire gutter system and the fascia board, soffit work and more.

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